Introducing Real Kids

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Real Kids is a method of teaching mindful movement and meditation to Real Kids aged 2-12.

The aim of Real Kids is to enable all children regardless of background to move mindfully, build social and emotional intelligence, develop self-regulation strategies, and provide them with tools to navigate their lives in the modern world we live in.

The #RealKidsMethod is a tried and tested session planning technique to teach children mindfulness techniques and to support their mental and physical well-being. 


The Real Kids Method 

What makes our training different?

At Real Kids we demystify teaching yoga and mindfulness to children. We don’t shy away from what yoga truly is, but we make it accessible to modern day children.

•We know firsthand that yoga and mindfulness doesn’t need to be calm and quiet all the time that moving your body to cope with day to day life is FUN!

•We’ll teach you how you can teach authentic yoga and mindfulness to children,that’s engaging and appropriate for them in that moment - and has them continually wanting more!

•You’ll learn how to plan a Real Kids session using our session plan guide, how to engage and motivate children and how to teach mindfulness and meditation through yoga and movement.

•Learn the Real Kids Method- adapt to suit your setting.